Filmmakers don't sell stories. We sell emotions.


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David Krissman’s work as both a director and writer is based on the strong belief that great work starts on the page.  Most recently his feature screenplay Black Site 5 was among the top 50 (or 0.6%) of the Academy of Motion Picture’s Nicholl Fellowship.

One Academy judge wrote, “An incredibly well written, contained, powerful, painful and intense drama about a Pakistani wannabe journalist who is detained and tortured. There is some wonderful playing with structure here – this writer is extremely talented and not afraid to take chances.” Another judge wrote, “First off, this is a strong writer. S/he has a terrific visual eye, a strong sense of pacing and a really good knack for quickly getting to the heart of a character. S/he takes on a hot topic, torture, but still manages to craft a thrilling and entertaining story.  There are many opportunities when this writer could have gone to hokey town, but didn’t. Mark Boal didn’t write this well in Zero Dark Thirty — in my opinion.”

Krissman just completed The Confession, a short film about a young Catholic priest who is put in an extraordinary position while hearing confession. The film premiered at the Newport Beach Film Festival April 28, 2014, and will be featured on PBS this year. “Well-written, well-performed, well-directed. A compelling, compassionate story with a great twist,” writes one festival judge. “It sparked discussion and forces the viewer to ask and answer difficult questions.” The Confession comes off the heels of The New Brit which has played at festivals around the world.

Krissman currently lives in Los Angeles and is working to produce his latest feature screenplay Emmy’s Chain, a powerful medical drama inspired by real events.