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Black Site 5

Recognized for being among the top 50 (or 0.6%) of the Academy of Motion Pictures Nicholl Fellowship. The largest screenwriting contest in the world with thousands of submission from 79 countries. 

Logline: 2005. A Pakistani Brit is detained and thrown into the US government’s most secret program, a dark world where answers and information are an end justified by any means. However, little does the CIA know that this new prisoner is not only innocent, but also an aspiring journalist whose account of the Rendition program may be the story of a decade.

Background:  Black Site 5  paints a dramatic, but historically accurate picture of 1) The history and aftermath of the 2005 London Bombings, 2) The facts and arguments that surround the CIA’s Rendition Program, 3) Terrorism and extremism in the UK, 4) The Pakistani community in the UK.

Story: Similar to Syriana, Black Site 5 follows fictional characters in real historical circumstances to create a cinematic experience that is both gripping and informative. The London Bombings and Extraordinary Rendition are provocative in their own right. This project is exceptional in the way it simultaneously weaves the two together through the fascinating relationship between an innocent detainee and the CIA’s best interrogator. The stakes are big and continually increase until a climax that will tear the audience apart.