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Emmy’s Chain

Logline: Inspired by real events. A savvy and determined businessman’s endeavor to find his dying daughter a new kidney saves the lives of numerous others and transforms the medical field.

Background: More than ninety thousand people in this country are waiting for a kidney. ¬†Many are going to die, either because they’re waiting for someone else to die or they’re one of the few that knows there’s a better option but can’t find a living donor match.

By some quirk of evolution, we were given two kidneys when we only need one. Advances in medical technology, computer science, and economics have made it possible to all but eliminate the deceased donor’s list. However, a lack of awareness and our hospitals’ prioritization of short-term financial gain impede progress.

Story: More than just an informative drama with well-placed comedic relief, Emmy’s Chain is an inspiring story. How one person — an outsider up against an entrenched status-quo — can make a monumental and heroic impact.

In a race against time, one man refuses to give up on saving his daughter. Though gut-wrenching at its lowest moments, at its core, Emmy’s Chain says something powerful about us as people. We often sacrifice to help others, not because of self-interest or monetary gain, but the wholeness it brings to our hearts.